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Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogen Training

University of Michigan, Environment Health & Safety Dept.

Duration: Jan 2017 -  August 2017

Type: Part-time work

Role: Instructional Designer, Interaction Designer 

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The University of Michigan Environment, Health and Safety Department develops online instructional material and training modules for staff working in bio-safety and other labs. I was hired to design and develop interactive online course material.

Design Problem

The project was to develop a new online course on an LMS called ClaroThe existing method of training for staff was was primarily done through in-person training sessions. There was a an online training course in place but limited in scope and interactivity.

Design Problem


Background Research

To understand the exact requirements, I did a comprehensive review of the training material and compared it to the existing online course to identify limitations and opportunity areas. Below are the screens from the old version of the online course: 


Duration: Sept 2017 -  Dec 2017

Old version of online course

Design Synthesis 

Based on the existing online course and course material, I identified key limitations which I addressed through the following three prime areas:


Making the course as interactive as possible through interactions, animations and discovery


Developing the course in a story telling format 

Information Architecture

Organizing the course into meaningful modules, sub-modules, content and questions

Wireframing and Screen mock-ups  

Based on the above approach, I created initial screen mock-ups and wireframes on MS PowerPoint for review.

Screen mock-ups